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  • Zhu Lieke said, start building a national wholesale and Yan'an City Luochuan apple country of modern agricultural demonstration zone, is accelerating the development of advantageous industries, and promote farmers continued to increase important measure to promote the "three" simultaneous, coordinated urban and rural effective way. Provincial, municipal and county levels according to the logistics modernization, technical information, control and management of professional standards requirements and work together to build the national production and distribution docking platform within three years will strive to build a national wholesale Luochuan Apple Apple logistics distribution center, pricing center, information dissemination, technology exchange center and exhibition and trade center. Yan'an City in the state of modern agricultural demonstration zones, we will seize the opportunity, innovative ideas, integration of resources, increase investment to develop the advantage of specialized agriculture, ecological recycling agriculture, efficient facilities, agriculture, water-saving agriculture as the focus, to parks and bases as the starting point, high starting point planning and design, construction and operation of high standards, standardization of production, methods of organization, business industry, social services, so that as soon as the Loess Plateau in Yan'an City, the construction of a model of modern agriculture, the state the development of key ecological function zones typical of modern agriculture, better play a leading role model.
    The launching ceremony, Zhang and Zhu Lieke Taolin also signed the "National Department of Agriculture and the Shaanxi Provincial People's Government to promote national key large-scale wholesale markets Luochuan Apple building MOU."


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